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No one is safe! According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 9 out of 10 computers with an Internet connection are infected with spyware, without knowledge or approval. Commercial websites, "free" software and marketing companies are massively distributing dangerous Spyware that put you at risk.

What is Spyware?

Spyware, like a virus, is a malicious software planted on your PC by a third party in order to secretly monitor what you do online.

Once your browsing habits are analyzed, you are flooded with endless Commercials, Popups and Spam from inside your PC!

Spyware also dramatically slows down your computer and Internet connection speeds.

Spyware collects your private information and steals your identity, passwords, credit card details and other financial data.

The presence of the infection is hidden, and is not revealed even by Anti Virus or Firewall programs.

What is ContraVirus?
Trusted by an astounding number of large companies and private users, ContraVirus now offers you:
   Comprehensive Spyware Scan: ContraVirus scans your entire system for infections using a distinctively broad database of spyware threats. Scanning is an easy and simple 3-step process by the end of which your system will be clean of all spyware dangers.
   Spywall© Live Monitoring: ContraVirus's innovative Spywall© System is a real-time monitor for any kind of spyware or adware attacks attempted on your machine. After you clean your system, Spywall© will run quietly in the background watching your back. You'll never have to worry about spyware again.
   Spam Filter: Stopping spam before it enters your computer, this real-time filtering program monitors and blocks all incoming spam, keeping your inbox clean of these annoyances.
   Popup Blocker: Packaged with ContraVirus is an intelligent Popup Blocker. Automatically integrated into your browser, it will efficiently put an end to all commercial Popups.
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How do I know I’m Infected?
   Is your PC running extremely slow?
   Have you ever downloaded software or music off the internet?
   Are you bothered by constant popup ads and commercials?
   Is your homepage set to pages you never asked for?
   Do you get Toolbars in your browser that you don't want?
   Did your internet connection become slower?
   Do you receive additional SPAM emails?
   If the answer to one of these questions is "Yes", then you are probably infected.
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