Program Features

ContraVirus boasts a large number of enhanced features:

Advanced Deep Scanning:
Comprehensive Scanning Engine - many Spyware constantly rename to avoid detection, but their content remains the same. ContraVirus carries out a comprehensive examination of not only the presence of suspicious files, but also all traces of them and their content.
ContraVirus 's Deep Scan scans the registry, memory, all files and folders, cookies and the Windows Hosts file.
Customizable Scanning Modes - ContraVirus features two modes of scanning: the Quick and Full Scans. During the Quick Scan the program searches for spyware in the most common places where it is usually located. A Full Scan is a scan of the entire hard drive.
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bullet Spywall Live Monitoring Engine automatically blocks infiltrations of spyware in real time.
bullet Quarantine Manager quarantines and restores deleted objects of choice in the rare case of a Spyware removal harming the system. Some Spyware programs might connect themselves to legitimate applications, so that when they are removed, these applications’ functionality could be damaged. In such a case, the Restore Quarantine option allows you to restore the specific file you removed that caused this problem.
bullet A Smart Popup Blocker eliminates all pop-ups in Internet Explorer. The ability to control pop-ups is enhanced with the White List, which enables you to add certain sites from which popup windows will be allowed.
bullet The Ignore List allows you to ignore specific files in future ContraVirus scans. For example, if you decide that you wish to keep a certain file or cookie on your computer, you can simply add it to the Ignore List and ContraVirus will automatically disregard it in all future scans.
bullet Plug-in Support improves functionality and allows addition of external plug-ins, expansions and upgrades.
bullet Software Updates are incorporated into a new Spyware database file, which you can then download from within ContraVirus itself to update your copy of the program online.
bullet The Process Viewer lists all running processes and their separate modules. Spyware might hide under expansions of other programs and locating it manually with the standard Task Manager is a hard task. The Process Viewer enables you to easily and intuitively monitor all active processes and modules, or the termination of any one of them at any given time.
bullet Different Languages Support – ContraVirus currently supports English and Spanish; a variety of different language skins is planned for the next version of ContraVirus.

Easiest to Use – ContraVirus is advanced technology designed specially for people, not experts. It is automatically configured out of the box to give you optimal protection with limited interaction so all you need to do is install it for immediate and ongoing protection.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 operating system.
Minimum of 32 Mb RAM, 15 Mb hard drive space.
CPU Pentium 300 processor.


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