Why do I need Spyware Protection?

"It's Spreading"
- 9 out of 10 PC's are infected
- Surveys reveal at least 24 Spyware infections per PC

"It's an Annoyance"
- Slow computer performance
- Additional Pop-ups Ads - even while you're offline
- Mysterious search results and Home Page changes
- Inbox flooded with Junk Mail

"It's the #1 Online Threat"
- Your private information exposed to hackers
- Spyware monitors your passwords, chat logs and emails
- Recording of  your Credit Card and social security number
- High risk of Identity Theft 

Customer Feedback

"I was well on my way to format my hard disk when a friend recommended your software. It was the first one to actually work. Now my PC is like new, and I can enjoy surfing the internet again."
- J. Mascis,
ContraVirus customer

ContraVirus is the Web's #1 Rated Anti-Spyware Solution:
bullet Award-winning technology –  ContraVirus is the first program to ever offer Firewall-like protection. Powered by our Spywall® technology and combined with a powerful scanning engine, ContraVirus is specifically designed to remove Spyware and eliminate every possible harmful infection before it reaches your PC.
bullet User-Friendly – Designed with the home user in mind - simple, quick and easy to use, ContraVirus is widely praised by customers and leading industry reviewers alike.
bullet 24/7 Customer Support – Our security team of experts is available 24 hours a day and will be happy to assist you with every question you might have.
bullet Popup Blocker: Packaged with ContraVirus is an intelligent Popup Blocker. Automatically intergrated into your browser, it will efficiently put an end to all commercial Popups.
bullet Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee Don’t decide now. Use ContraVirus to clean your PC, see the difference and and decide later.
bullet ContraVirus membership entitles you to a lifetime of updates and personal Customer Support. Never worry about Spyware again.
bullet To read the full list of features click here.

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Q: Is it safe to use my credit card?
A: Absolutely. We use modern SSL encryption methods, which means all information you send to us is sent through secure servers and completely encoded. In fact, it's now safer to use your credit card on online secured servers than in Restaurants or department stores.

Q: What happens when I order?
A: You will receive direct access to a registration code automatically after you place your order to register and clean your PC using the ContraVirus Software. The entire process of registration and cleaning your system shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes. You will also receive a confirmation email with your order information (registration code, order #, etc).

Q: Are my purchase and satisfaction guaranteed?
A: Yes! All orders are backed by our 45 day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, for any reason, simply contact us within 45 days for a full refund. 

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We currently accept all payments by MasterCard, Visa and Diner's.